Our Refund Options

With analyze.academichelp.net, you must pay for your analysis before our analysts comment on your piece of writing. You can load the necessary funds to your personal account and issue the payment for the analysis service.

You can always refund the amount loaded to your balance that has not yet been used for a specific analysis (order). The funds you pay for an analysis can no longer be refunded. You can, however, only claim back the amount that has not yet been paid to our website using the "Release" button.

If you feel our analysis was not satisfactory, you can request further analysis without paying extra. If we deem your request to be appropriate, we will do whatever we can to fulfill your requirements. But once you have made a payment for your analysis, it is final.

Please note: we are unable to guarantee any particular grade after you have received an analysis from us, nor can we take responsibility for presuming a grade one would receive for their writing. Assessing any students' work is strictly the prerogative of an instructor teaching a particular class and is often a subjective accumulation of a student's in-class performance, as well as the quality of the paper written. Therefore, we can only help raise one's chances of receiving better grades by improving the content and form of a piece of writing, with no further guarantees for the outcome.