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All of our experts have years of experience in tutoring, and many are publishing authors and lecturing professors in top universities. In addition, all of our experts have extensive experience with editing academic papers. With all the background behind us, we can guarantee high-quality essay assessment services.

Our Team includes two permanent staff working full-time from the main office and over a hundred of freelance educators based in a number of English-speaking countries.

widely published author Nicholas Klacsanzky

Nicholas Klacsanzky

Nicholas Klacsanzky is a widely published author and a teacher of English as a second language. An author of 10 books ranging from non-fiction, poetry, and novels, he is a highly versatile writer. He has a certificate in teaching English as second language from Seattle University and a B.A. in Writing from The Evergreen State College.

professional writer Andrew Takada

Andrew Takada

Andrew Takada is a professional writer from Seattle. He graduated from Seattle University, with a masters in English Literature. In addition, he has attended classes on Japanese poetry and calligraphy, photography, and copywriting.

After working as a content editor for several years, Takada was employed at a news agency, where he worked as a feature writer for the culture section.

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work with us

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