How Analyze My Essay Will Transform Your Writing into Perfection

Analyze My Paper

Get more knowledgeable and confident in your writing, while also having your mistakes checked in less than 24 hours. Here are 4 reasons to use Analyze My Paper:

To check your paper before handing it into your teacher.

To improve your overall writing by knowing what to work on.

To understand what grade you are probably going to receive from your teacher.

To get a second opinion on writing that is being sent for publication.


Our Analyze My Paper service will help you improve the quality of your writing assignments. Send us your writing and our expert analysts will review your writing. This feedback will allow you to correct your mistakes in the assignment, develop your writing skills, and thus, improve your grades. With one analysis of your writing, your understanding of writing will improve drastically. This understanding will automatically translate into higher grades for you in school and in you having a successful career.

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What Do I Get From Analysis Service?

A writing check. This includes checking for errors in grammar, punctuation, style, organization, citations, and content consistency. Comments on how to improve your overall writing. These comments deal with the holistic aspects of your writing, such as writing appropriately in a particular genre, finding your own writing voice, and how to train yourself.

An approximate grade. We judge your writing based on standardized rubrics that teachers use. You will get an overall score and specific scores based on certain criteria: grammar, organization, research, style, content, and so on. A viable second opinion on your writing. If you are a published author or a serious writer, our service allows you to have a professional editor’s opinion when you are considering publishing a certain piece of writing.

Why Should I Use Analysis Service?

You will know that your writing has been checked and commented on by a professional editor. From this experience, you can make changes according to the comments and assess your writing with a credible perspective. Your overall writing will improve. We are not just about correcting your individual mistakes, but also about guiding you so that you become a professional writer yourself.

You will know your grade for your piece of writing, given by another teacher. This is the closest thing one can get from knowing the actual grade you will receive. This is important, as many students have misconstrued ideas about what grades they will receive for assignments.

You will have an expert’s opinion on your writing, which is more credible than peer reviews in class. Professional editors can see many levels beyond the ordinary university student in terms of what needs to be changed and corrected.

It's affordable - just from $4.5 / page

It's fast! There is a 24-hour turnaround time on most urgent orders*.

*With the exception of weekends and national holidays.

We analyze the following parts of your writing:

We will comment on whether or not your content is strong enough to engage readers and is viable.

Technical errors that you make will be identified. We will also tell what you should change to make your grammar better.

We will comment on whether or not your claims were backed up by credible research.

We will comment on the structure of your writing and tell you how it can be changed to compliment your main message.

We will comment on your individual style of writing and inform you when there are standard stylistic errors according to the genre you are writing in.

Want to find out how your paper can be improved and wish to know the underlying rationale of every correction? is a perfect choice in such a situation. Get more informed and confident about your writing, whilst having all your mistakes checked and corrected. Isn’t that what you want? Perhaps this question is quite rhetorical here.

We will make adequate improvements on your essays, dissertations, literary analyses or books by letting you understand what precisely to work on. And this will ensure that everything is okay with your paper before submitting it to your lecturer, teacher or publisher. Our editors will provide you with comments and suggestions of what must be changed and how, and you’ll be able to correct your paper under the thorough supervision of our experts. Interested? Wait till you find out more!

What Kind of Help Do We Offer?

Our analytical experts will undertake an exhaustive analysis of your writing example and provide a critical feedback thereafter. The analysis of your writing will be based on:

  • content: our proofreaders always make comments whenever something needs to be changed or replaced, whether the essay is good enough to draw the reader’s attention or not. They will also perform checks to establish if the content is viable.
  • grammar: any occurring errors will be highlighted. The comments that will follow the corrections will help you to understand your mistakes and avoid them in the future while you’ll write new papers.
  • research: the editors will comment on your research credibility. They will let you know if the research you have undertaken is exhaustive or not.
  • structure: we’ll provide suggestions on your essay’s structure that will help you make corresponding changes which will make your writing more proficient.

Our Analyze My Essay service will assist in improving the quality and accuracy of all your assignments for just $4.5/page. Send your writings to us and watch how thoroughly our proficient analysts will review it. The feedback you’ll receive will enable you to make comprehensive corrections in the paper, build up on your writing abilities, and thus, better your grades. Upon the completion of a single analysis, your essay examples and writing skills will be upgraded significantly. This experience obtained in practice without wasting time on reading literature on the given topic will undoubtedly translate into amazing grades and will put you at the peak of success both in school and in your career.

How Does Analyze My Essay Work?

If you have made up your mind in favour of Analyze My Essay service, it’s both a smart and forward-looking decision that will bring benefits in the future. To get started, follow these simple steps. It will only take 10 minutes of your time to place a quote:

  1. sign in on our website;
  2. state your requirements;
  3. add the sample you want to get analysed;
  4. reserve money for the future payment;
  5. check out the editor appointed to complete your task;
  6. receive the corrected piece within the set timeframes;
  7. release the payment.

Your work will be checked by one of our editors and it can be a college professor, competent proofreader or an experienced copywriter. With their help your writing skills will drastically improve. We aren’t just after correcting personal errors, but we also intend to help you become a proficient writer in the future.

Get Your Paper Analysed by Real Experts

You will receive an expert view on your writing style, which is much advanced as compared to your own proofreading sessions. Professional analysts are detail-oriented pros who can predict some of your typical mistakes due to their experience and notice even the tiniest flaws due to their focus. And all this is done just for $4.5/page. But despite the price we’ll work extra hard to ensure that you’re submitting a well-structured paper. Have our word for it! Send us your paper and embrace the benefits of our service.


We do whatever we can to make the analysis of your writing better.

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