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Technical errors that you make will be identified. We will also tell what you should change to make your grammar better.


We will comment on the structure of your writing and tell you how it can be changed to compliment your main message.


We will comment on your individual style of writing and inform you when there are stylistic errors, according to the genre you are writing in.


We will comment on whether or not your content is strong enough to engage your readers.


We will analyze whether or not your claims were successfully backed up by research and in-text citations.

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Not sure about the grade you are going to receive for this paper? We let you know what we believe is your approximate grade by uploading a standardized grading rubric to your order.

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You can make sure that your paper is perfect before handing it in to your teacher. You will receive in-depth commentary and see an approximate grade for your paper.

You can receive a second opinion on your writing before sending it to publishers.

You can improve your writing in general by knowing what you need to work on and how to change your writing for the better.

You can have a professional human writer look at your writing, rather than a faulty program.


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